I would like to thank you again for your valuable help with my recent legal needs. Your advises, recommendations and quick reply to my questions made whole process less stressful. Your vast knowledge in various fields helped to plan and proceed with best course of action. I never felt pressured or forced on important decisions before, during and after case completion. Truly, it was a team work and I value this a lot.

I would definitely recommend your office to my family, friends and colleagues! It is very beneficial to know someone with your level of expertise. Thank you for your service!


General Litigation and Business Disputes

Mr. Larson was excellent in his management of our case. We came to him with an extremely delicate issue that was also time-sensitive. He was very organized, thorough and understanding. He was always available to answer questions and provide valuable feedback. Due to his efforts and skill, we won our case. Our family is extremely grateful to him, and we recommend him highly.


Car Accidents / Pedestrian Strikes / Crosswalk Accident / Pedestrian Knock Down/ NYC Accidents/ NYC Pedestrian Struck/ Dangerous Crosswalks

My mother was seriously injured after being struck by a van; I didn’t know what to do. I knew I would have to get a lawyer, but it was a stressful time. I needed to see to my mother’s medical needs and to her see her legal ones as well. All those TV commercials tell you they will all give you the best legal representation. What to do? It was all so confusing. A very close friend and a professional referred me to Mike and said to “forget those guys” I know a guy who will be a “pit bull” for you when it comes to getting your mother the best results. Mike, became like family. He made us feel like we were his number one priority. We never wondered what was going on or where we were in the process; he always kept us updated. He even drove us to appointments my mother needed to take as I didn’t have a car. In the end we got the maximum payment allowed and were extremely happy with the result. Other lawyers I had spoken to afterwards also commented that Mike had done an incredible job with making the results happen quickly. What should have dragged on for many more years came to a relatively much quicker conclusion. Mike is the best. I highly recommend him.


Business Litigation

If I had to choose one word to describe Michael Larson’s legal skills it would be Outstanding. Michael has represented me over the years in numerous legal matters and he has always been professional and organized, and bottom line he gets the job done. I continue to use Michael and recommend him as a lawyer to anyone seeking counsel in his areas of expertise….He is truly the best.

Justin, Corporate CEO

Motorcycle Accidents

Hello my name is Carlos. I was in a motorcycle accident a few months ago. An automobile failed to stop at a stop sign and struck me. I was airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital. My arm was fractured in several places and badly injured. I went to the emergency and operating rooms. I was worried about the injuries of my arm, but for the well being of my family, contacted Law Office of Michael Larson. Michael took my case in an extraordinary way. I was very impressed how efficient and fast he took matters in to action. He frequently kept in touch with my family and me to notify me of every detail of the case, and made sure it would benefit me to the fullest. In many cases, due to the lack of communication in a different language, the Spanish community in the Hamptons find themselves overwhelmed when they encounter similar situations. From my experience with Michael, I would highly recommend his services to both English and Spanish speaking persons. My gratitude towards his services will always be appreciated.


DWI and/or Traffic Violations

The Law Office of Michael J. Larson, P.C. helped me through one of the most humiliating and difficult experiences of my life. After being arrested for a DWI, I contacted Mr. Larson and a few other attorneys to seek counsel. He was the first one to show me personal attention and commitment. I immediately felt a sense of relief in knowing that I was in good hands. Not only was the criminal charge reduced to an infraction, but the DMV charge was completely dropped. Michael’s attention to detail and knowledge of the law allowed for these positive outcomes. He was there every step of the way. I would like to express my sincere gratitude.


I have worked with many lawyers in the past, so I speak with lot of experience when I say that Michael is outstanding. He is a diligent, honest and dedicated advocate on behalf of his clients. Whether it is a traffic ticket, criminal matter or personal injury case, Michael can always be counted on to get the best possible results for the client.

M. Wolfberg

I was held in a precinct jail in downtown New York City on a Thursday night for a DUI. I was scheduled to take a flight out to see my family on Friday and no one knew where I was that night. I had one call to make from the precinct and I strategically called Michael Larson. I knew of Michael Larson through a friend that recommended his law firm. I was desperate and as it turns out my decision to contact the law office of Michael Larson was right-on. Mr. Larson immediately responded to my call and worked tirelessly to help me proceed to a hearing with the judge in a timely fashion. I must admit that I felt badly that I was released from Central Booking before others that were there before me. On the other hand, I was elated when my name was called and realized that my lawyer, Michael Larson, facilitated my release from central booking as quickly as possible. While preparing to meet the judge, my interactions with Mr. Larson were honest, sincere and he counseled me that he was on my side and that he would not judge my actions. It appeared as if Mr. Larson was well-respected by the clerks, the police and the judge. Mr. Larson has astute knowledge of the law was able to clearly explain my options and together we decided on the best approach to my case. As Mr. Larson represented my case to the judge, I was confident that I had chosen one of the best lawyers in NYC. In the end, I was satisfied with my judgment and Mr. Larson was meticulous with his legal advice and follow-up. Additionally, in the midst of the chaos of court, Mr. Larson was sensitive to my need to return to my family and proceed with my life and schedule. Michael Larson made every effort to make sure I was back to my normal life as expeditiously as possible.


I acquired four traffic moving violation tickets within a two-week period during the summer. I did not know what to do and how to fight these tickets by myself. I have known Michael Larson for a long time and know him to be a responsible New York attorney that is self confident and experienced in handling traffic violations. I was not able to appear in court for my violations and knew I was able to trust that Michael Larson would show up and successfully represent me without my presence in court as I needed to be home with my newborn. I also felt confident that I did not have to worry about loosing my driver’s licenses. Michael was able to save my drivers license with no worries and I was able to focus on my family and employment.


I’ve had The Law office of Michael J. Larson represent me in a number of traffic violation cases, all of which were handled in a timely and professional manner. Each case involved points that ended up being dismissed or reduced zero, I also avoided having to appear in court! I would recommend The Law office of Michael J. Larson to anyone facing potential points on their license.


Mr. Michael J Larson is an attorney who represented me on a traffic ticket legal matter in New York State town court. It was a 4 point speeding ticket that I plead “not guilty” to. The ticket was disputed successfully with zero points on my driving record and a very quick turnover time. I was deeply impressed with the professionalism and quality of service provided and would highly recommend Mr. Larson to those who need traffic ticket legal representation and expect to receive productive results.


I’ve had The Law office of Michael J. Larson represent me in a number of traffic violation cases, all of which were handled in a timely and professional manner. Each case involved points that ended up being dismissed or reduced zero, I also avoided having to appear in court! I would recommend The Law office of Michael J. Larson to anyone facing potential points on their license.


In 2008, we retained the Law Office of Michael J. Larson, P.C., to represent us at the closing of the sale of our home. As the sale was successfully and efficiently closed, we again retained Mr. Larson’s office to assist us with the purchase of land and construction of a new home in Suffolk County. Once all the terms were negotiated and agreed upon, the home was constructed and the closing was immediately effectuated. We now live in our dream home and recommend Mr. Larson’s office to anyone seeking an honest and thorough attorney.

Keith and Gina G

The Law Office of Michael J. Larson, P.C., provided my family with responsible and personable legal services during the purchase of our first Manhattan Co-op apartment. Since we are not originally from the United States, we did not thoroughly understand the entire process. However, Mr. Larson explained the process to us in a way that made us feel comfortable and helped us understand. The purchase of our first apartment was a memorable and positive experience.

Erde Tang

Real Estate Closings (Sale and purchase of new construction)

I was looking for a real estate investment in NYC earlier in Nov 2014. As I am an overseas buyer, finding a reliable real estate broker is utmost important for me. I was very fortunate to have Mr. Larson as my real estate broker. Since I am thousand miles away from NY, our communications mainly rely only on emails and phone calls. Despite there was a time difference Mr. Larson had showed his top quality professionalism and came up with a deal in a short period of time that was good for me and made the seller happy as well. I would also like to mention that even after we have signed the contract and provided with the payment, Mr. Larson was still providing his commitment and perseverance until the end.

We highly recommend Mr. Larson to anyone seeking an excellent real estate agent in NY.


Real Estate Purchase (Cooperative Apartment)

I grew up in China, came to this country 26 years ago, and now work in health care and live in Manhattan. Going away to a peaceful place and breath in fresh air on the weekend is a must for me. I need to relax and prepare for the busy week: mother of a teenager and seeing lots of patients.

I love the Hamptons and especially Montauk because it’s easy to get to, drive, train or the bus to go to the hamptons. Two years ago, my real estate broker, Mr. Larson, found this perfect home near the beach with ocean views. Prior to purchase my dream weekend get away home, he showed me many areas in the hamptons before my final purchase. Mr. Larson also helped me find contractors, and helped coordinate the entire renovation. My family and I now have a brand new house one year later.

We have so many families and friends come out throughout the year, it’s such a memorable house now.

Thank you Michael James Realty.

Jae Tian

New York City Debt Collection / Contract Law

The Law Office of Michael J. Larson has represented our hardware supply company located in New York City on several civil litigation matters. Mr. Larson has handled our debt collection cases against landlords and supply purchasors and has obtained swift and positive results every time. The firm has also represented me individually regarding a contract dispute against a large car dealership. Again, swift and positive results were obtained. The Law Office of Michael J. Larson, P.C., has my vote.

Hardware Store / Ivan

Immigration / Family Based Petitions / Greencard

We want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Law Office of Michael J. Larson, P.C., in handling our green card application. They were proficient, knowledgeable and professional while handling our case. As we look back, we were fortunate to find a law firm as reliable as MJL, P.C., to work with us toward our favorable outcome. In the future, we will definately consider / recommend them for legal services.

Ling and Bruce

Name Change

Michael J. Larson,, P.C.. ; a man with a conscience and desire to thoroughly represent his client(s). I applaud his attention to detail and professionalism. His time, energy, and support to my name change, provided me comfort to successfully complete the process. His interest to be consistently available and educated throughout this process is to be commended. Mr. Larson, IS an attorney you wish to have representing you! I would not hesitate to retain his expertise in the future.