Settlements & Verdicts

Pedestrian injury


Pedestrian crossing a New York City crosswalk was struck by a motorist who had failed to yield. Pedestrian sustained head (TBI and Skull FX), neck, and back injuries.

Home property damage / personal property damage, insurance coverage dispute


Property damage caused by defective utilities resulting in a basement flood.

Medical malpractice / negligence

$ 1.1 Million

Law Office of Michael J. Larson, P.C. was Co-Counsel on a wrongful death case against a hospital that failed to properly diagnose and treat a patient’s medical condition.

Motorcycle accident

Six figure

Six figure settlement to motorcyclist struck by a vehicle after vehicle’s driver failed to stop at a stop sign in Suffolk County. Motorcyclist was compensated for arm injuries and damage to his motorcycle under the vehicle owner’s insurance policy.

Motorcycle accident


$25,000.00 plus property damage and storage fees to motorcyclist struck by car in Suffolk County.

Negligent supervision / dangerous conditions


To teenage boy who sustained a serious arm laceration at an upstate camp.

New York city false arrests, Bronx false arrest, Queens false arrest, unlawful detention in New York city jail, negligent policing, malicious prosecution in New York City

$24,000.00 to a couple whose Brooklyn home was wrongfully targeted by the police

Approximately 15 police officers in riot gear stormed and ransacked clients’ home looking for hard drugs and an individual of a completely different description who did not live or stay there. Clients told police they have the wrong house and that there were no drugs or weapons in their home. Police yelled and aimed guns at clients who were peacefully sitting in their bedrooms. Police barged in on a man using the bathroom and slammed him into the wall. Police heckled the man and would not let him change his clothes during the arrest. Police arrested the Grandfather and eventually let him leave the precinct on his own and without the aid of a social worker or family member. Clients were subjected to searches and confined for a lengthy time in overcrowded jail and central booking cells prior to their release and the case being dismissed.

$16,000 to two male clients from Suffolk County wrongfully arrested while visiting friends in Queens.

While clients were eating pizza at a shopping center, several police officers pulled up, approached them in a parking lot and arrested them. Clients were placed in a police van, brought to precinct and central booking, confined to many filthy and overcrowded holding cells, and then bussed to Riker’s Island where they did not receive proper medical treatment. Due to the incorrect identification, false accusation, false arrest and negligent policing, clients were released upon the district attorney’s office agreeing to dismiss the case.

$15,000.00 settlement for client falsely arrested

$15,000.00 settlement for client (23 years old and clean record) falsely arrested after he was lawfully standing in front of his friend’s apartment building in Brooklyn which was targeted for criminal activity unrelated to client. There, he was approached by many officers, cuffed, searched, brought to the precinct, processed, placed in crowded holding cells and then brought to central booking. He was again searched and processed and placed in various holding cells during his 21 hours in police custody. He was released after the district attorneys office declined to prosecute him.

$35,000 settlement for false arrest and malicious prosecution

Client was lawfully walking down the street in the Bronx when two undercover officers pulled up to him, pointed guns at him, threw him against the wall and accused him of a crime that he didn’t commit as evidenced by a local store’s video tape. Client was handcuffed and taken to the precinct and central booking where he spent approximately 60 hours in various crowded jail cells. He had to return to court many times before the case was dismissed.

$17,500 settlement for false arrest

My client is a Queens business owner who was falsely arrested after he lawfully defended himself against a violent and unruly customer who tried to attack him. Police arrested both individuals and forced my client to close his business during a busy holiday. He spent 28 hours in jail before the charges were dropped.

$15,000.00 settlement for false arrest

Client’s home was invaded by police officers searching for weapons without a warrant. Client was subsequently arrested for possession of marijuana (which turned out to be a lawful amount). Client spent approximately 30 hours in jail and had to appear in court several times before the case was dismissed.

$25,000.00 settlement for false arrest

My client was sleeping and woken up when 6 police officers in combat gear stormed the house and room she was in without a warrant and demanded to see weapons that did not exist. Client was detained for 13 hours before the district attorney’s office declined to prosecute and released her.


Individual wrongfully arrested and detained in police van


Individual falsely arrested and detained in a city jail

Pedestrian knock down / pedestrian strike / hit and run accident


38 year old pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle in Suffolk County

Premise liability, dangerous and defective conditions in store


Store customer injured by dangerous / defective shelving.

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